Our Healthcare & Education Infrastructure

Saudi German Health is a global network of hospitals, clinics, medical education facilities, and training institutes. Our large and expanding network of tertiary care hospitals, under the Saudi German Hospital brand, offers world-class healthcare with international accreditations and expertise, complemented by specialized outpatient clinics and strategic partnerships across healthcare and education.


Our 11 world-class hospitals are dynamic healthcare hubs, bringing together top doctors, nurses, specialists, and technicians to provide the highest standard of integrated and specialist care, providing care to over 2.5 million patients annually.


Our network of specialized clinics across Saudi Arabia and throughout the MENA region are established to complement our hospital network and bring the personalized and compassionate care we are known for to even more communities and patients.

Academic Capabilities

Saudi German Academy is committed to and invested in enhancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our doctors, nurses, and technicians, as well as the next generation of healthcare professionals, by providing the right environment, opportunities, and resources for them to grow and thrive.

International Visiting Professor Program

Since 1988, our International Visiting Professor Programme has brought renowned professors from Germany, Europe, North America, and around the world to share their medical knowledge and clinical skills with our doctors, in order to integrate international-standard of medical care into the care we offer our patients.

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